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For businesses with websites, there’s perhaps no consideration more crucial than that of ensuring website security. While websites are often an essential part of doing business, even for in-person businesses, they can also pose some serious risks. Systems that store customer data must be carefully safeguarded, and malicious attacks can result in everything from halting operations to the loss or compromise of crucial business or customer data. That’s why website security can be so vital. But how do businesses ensure that their websites are kept safe from malicious attacks?

One means of protection for your website that can be crucial is a WAF, or Web Application Firewall. At Ovatek, we’re committed to helping businesses just like yours maintain secure websites. To better understand, let’s explore what this can entail, why it’s so important, and how we can help.

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Web Application Firewall Service

Protect Your Website

A web application firewall is often a primary line of defense against a wide range of malicious attacks. At Ovatek, we provide web application firewall services to keep your website safe around the clock. One of the chief potential benefits of a web application firewall is that it can help mitigate a range of risks from a wide range of potential attacks.

Web Application Firewalls

A web application firewall is a special type of firewall designed specifically for web applications. Web application firewalls generally work by controlling and monitoring traffic to and from the web application. 

WAFs do so by monitoring HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) and/or HTTPS (hypertext transfer protocol secure) traffic. They can be configured in a number of ways, and as they monitor all traffic to and from a web application, can address a wide range of threats.

Dynamic Protection

With customizable service, we help you stay ahead of threats and protect your website, even as malicious actors change tactics and approaches.  It’s no secret that businesses and organizations face a range of risks, especially when deploying web applications. When it comes to protecting your website, it can be essential to deploy defenses that address a range of threats.

  • Enhanced Security

    A web application firewall robustly shields your site from being compromised by malicious attacks and data breaches.

  • Traffic Filtering

    Incoming traffic is scrutinized to block harmful requests, attacks of various kinds and prevent service disruptions.

  • Performance Boost

    By filtering harmful unwanted traffic, the WAF improves your website's loading times and efficiency.

  • Compliance Assurance

    Our Web Application Firewall helps maintain compliance with data protection regulations by safeguarding sensitive information.

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Step 1

Evaluate your website's specific security needs to tailor the web application firewall (WAF) settings.

Step 2

Expertly deploy the WAF into your web environment to bolster defense mechanisms.

Step 3

Customize the WAF rules and policies to effectively defend against targeted threats and common vulnerabilities.

Step 4

Continuously monitor and adjust the WAF to ensure it responds to new threats and maintains optimal website protection.

Compliance and Beyond 

PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) establishes IT security compliance guidelines to help businesses protect their and their customers’ data from malicious actors. For businesses that are looking to stay PCI compliant, it’s essential to find security solutions that offer robust PCI compliance. We provide PCI-compliant automated security systems designed to protect your data and the data of your customers.

Beyond OWASP Top Ten

We discussed the OWASP top ten document that outlines the ten most critical security threats faced by web application developers. To offer robust protection, our web application firewall services go beyond the OWASP Top Ten, helping you reduce the risks associated with a range of common security threats.

Protect Your APIs with API Protection

APIs have become an increasingly common way to connect online visitors with a range of services and applications, but APIs can also pose some serious security risks. With our API protection stack, ensure that your APIs stay secure, and keep your users going when it matters.

Role Based Solutions

With our Web Application Firewall services, we enable you to assign different user accounts various roles to support compliance and your own unique internal IT security policies.

Web Security Components

  • Implementation and Configuration: Install and configure the WAF to protect the website against common threats like SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and more.
  • Custom Security Rules: Develop custom security rules tailored to the specific needs and risks of the client’s website.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Actively monitor web traffic to detect and block malicious activities, ensuring real-time protection.
  • Regular Updates and Patches: Keep the WAF software up to date with the latest security patches and threat definitions.
  • Incident Response and Reporting: Provide immediate response to security incidents, along with detailed reports for client awareness and compliance purposes
  • DDoS Risk Assessment: Evaluate the website’s vulnerability to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and establish protection levels required.
  • Protection Implementation: Deploy DDoS protection measures to defend against both large-scale and more sophisticated DDoS attacks.
  • Traffic Analysis and Filtering: Continuously analyze incoming traffic to differentiate between legitimate users and attack traffic, filtering out malicious traffic.
  • Scalability and Resilience Planning: Ensure the DDoS protection scales with the website’s growth and can withstand various attack sizes and types.
  • Real-Time Alerts and Response: Set up real-time alerts for DDoS attack detection and ensure quick response to mitigate attacks.
  • DNS Setup and Configuration: Configure Cloud DNS settings for optimal performance and security, including proper record management and routing.
  • DNS Security Enhancements: Implement security enhancements like DNSSEC to protect against DNS spoofing and other DNS-related attacks.
  • Performance and Uptime Monitoring: Monitor DNS performance and uptime, ensuring fast and reliable website accessibility.
  • Redundancy and Failover Planning: Establish DNS redundancy and failover mechanisms to maintain website availability in case of DNS server failures.
  • Regular DNS Audits: Conduct regular audits of DNS configurations and records to ensure ongoing security and efficiency.
  • Load Balancer Configuration: Set up and configure load balancers to distribute traffic evenly across multiple servers, enhancing website performance and reliability.
  • Auto-Scaling Capabilities: Implement auto-scaling to handle sudden spikes in web traffic without service degradation.
  • Health Checks and Traffic Management: Perform regular health checks on servers and manage traffic to direct users to the most efficient server.
  • SSL/TLS Offloading: Utilize SSL/TLS offloading to reduce the load on web servers, improving encryption and decryption efficiency.
  • Load Balancing Strategy Optimization: Continuously assess and optimize load balancing strategies to meet changing traffic patterns and website needs.
  • DNS Filtering: Set up DNS filtering to block access to malicious websites and prevent phishing attacks.
  • Policy Configuration and Management: Develop and manage DNS policies to control website and internet access based on business requirements.
  • Threat Intelligence Integration: Integrate threat intelligence feeds to identify and block known malicious domains and IPs.
  • User Access Controls: Implement access controls to manage user access to different types of web content based on company policies.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Provide comprehensive reports and analytics on DNS traffic, threats blocked, and policy compliance.

By providing these comprehensive categories of services, the goal is to ensure robust security for client websites, safeguarding them from a wide range of cyber threats while maintaining optimal performance and user experience. Each service category involves a blend of advanced technology, strategic planning, and continuous monitoring to adapt to evolving security challenges.

Taking The Next Steps

We’ve discussed the risks that organizations face online, as well as the role of a web application firewall in protecting your website. The truth is, that online security can be as challenging as it is crucial. That’s why we’re here to help.

With a range of services designed to keep your website safe, Ovatek can help you protect your business from threats, even as new ones emerge. An effective web application firewall can be an important first-line defense against malicious entities attempting to access secure systems through your website.

At Ovatek, we offer robust web application firewall services designed to go beyond simple compliance —- offering you PCI-compliant automated security solutions, OWASP top ten protection and beyond, and an API protection stack to help safeguard your APIs. To learn more about how we can help you, don’t hesitate to reach out and get in touch.


Starting at
$ 750
 / Month
  • Dedicated Security Specialist
  • Real-time traffic monitoring for threats
  • Customizable firewall rulesets
  • Automated bot protection protocols
  • Layer 7 attack mitigation
  • Geo-blocking and IP reputation filtering
  • SSL/TLS encryption enhancements
  • DDoS attack detection and neutralization
  • Scalable bandwidth to handle traffic spikes
  • Infrastructure-level DDoS absorption
  • Dynamic DNS resolution services
  • Redundant DNS for uptime assurance
  • DNSSEC to protect against spoofing
  • Health checks and automatic failovers
  • Traffic distribution for server efficiency
  • Anycast network for load distribution
  • Protective DNS filtering for malicious sites
  • Real-time threat intelligence updates
  • Phishing and malware site blocking
  • Data exfiltration protection measures

How we determine pricing

  • Scope and Complexity

    Pricing is significantly influenced by the specific security services you require. Whether your needs are centered around a robust Web Application Firewall, comprehensive DDoS protection, or a combination of services including Cloud DNS Management, Load Balancing, and Protective DNS, we assess the complexity and scope of your requirements.

    The more complex your security needs, the more resources and expertise required, directly influencing the cost to ensure your website's safety and performance.

  • Resource and Traffic Volume

    The amount of web traffic and the resources needed to manage and protect your site effectively are crucial in determining the cost.

    Websites with higher traffic volumes or those requiring extensive resources for Cloud Load Balancing and DDoS protection will typically incur higher costs. We analyze your site's traffic patterns and the resources needed to provide optimal protection and performance, ensuring you receive a tailored and cost-effective security solution.

  • Additional Custom Features

    Every website has unique security needs, and the level of customization and additional features required can affect pricing. Whether it's setting up custom firewall rules, configuring advanced protective DNS settings, or integrating specific load balancing requirements are considered in our pricing.

    We strive to provide a detailed and fair cost assessment, reflecting the precise nature of the services and protections your website needs.

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